Siding Integrity Part 1: Top Factors That Affect Performance

When buying new siding, long-term performance is a chief consideration. And to determine a product’s ability to last, you should look beyond nature and identify other factors that can compromise its structural integrity. After all, siding systems are designed to withstand the elements prevalent in the region.


Siding Integrity Part 1

For the first installment of our special blog about siding integrity, Jones and Associates shares things that cut years off a siding product’s life. Considering they’re all under your control, keep these factors in mind when buying new siding:


Low Product Quality


Not all siding systems are equal; some are simply naturally stronger than others. Of all the materials at your disposal, any experienced siding company in West Texas would recommend steel.


Compared with other popular solutions, steel has the superior durability. It endures the rigors of nature; it takes intense temperatures, prevents insect infestation, resists hail and wind damage, is proof against fire, and repels moisture. No harsh element is a threat to it. This is why if you choose a material that isn’t as tough as steel, don’t expect your siding to stand the test of time.


Subpar Workmanship


Even if you buy the most robust siding system on the market, bad installation would cause the product to underperform. Re-siding is a highly technical job, which is no task for anyone inexperienced. You have to hire a reliable siding company for your project or else deal with premature failures due to installation defects.


Poor Upkeep


Any type of siding requires certain maintenance duties. Apart from potentially losing your warranty, skipping any upkeep requirement would accelerate wear and tear.


Any experienced siding company would advise you choose a low-maintenance product. Unlike traditional materials, steel siding never needs costly, periodic painting to defy aging. With basic cleaning, steel wouldn’t rot or deteriorate throughout its extensive service life.


Stay tuned to the second part of our special blog. To discuss your re-siding project in Lubbock, Midland, or Odessa, TX, contact Jones and Associates today. Call us at (806) 686-1380 for your FREE, in-home consultation.

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