Protecting Yourself Against a Shady Lubbock, TX Siding Contractor

It’s not everyday that you’ll need to have your sidings replaced in the “Hub City”, but when you do, it’s best to find a reliable Lubbock, TX siding contractor. Fake construction and siding companies are always looking for their next victims; if you’re not careful, you’ll end up thousands of dollars short with nothing to show for it. That said, MSN Real Estate offers a list of tips to avoid falling for contractor scams, and to ensure that when you pay for a home improvement project, you get the service you deserve.

One of the first tips presented is not to let a contractor know that you live alone. This goes especially for women and senior citizens, who must always have a companion when meeting with contractors or having workers over. Identity theft is also a big concern, so all important files and valuables must always be secured, both when the contractor arrives and leaves. This means that you always have to check all points of entry to your home, to ensure that a worker did not make a personal passage into your home without you knowing.

contractor scams

The bulk of MSN Real Estate’s advice can be summarized thus: homeowners should always verify the identity of any contractors that they may hire. This includes checking references—at least four, according to the article—and verifying their licenses and operating permits with local records. Checking with the Better Business Bureau for ratings and history of complaints against the business is also advisable, since you never know just how many names scammers operate under; an example of people to watch for are “storm-chasers” who take people’s money in exchange for repairs and reconstruction projects that are never performed.

Another piece of advice is that when choosing companies, go for those who offer a variety of different services—from windows to sidings to roofs. With every additional contractor you hire, the risk of running into an unreliable one gets higher, and that is a headache you definitely do not want to have. Of course, it goes without saying that you should look for experience and expertise as well.

Going beyond tips on how to avoid scammers, homeowners must also know how to choose contractors who can do high quality work for reasonable prices. If you’re looking for a good siding contractor in Midland, TX for example, check for customer reviews and memberships in groups like the West Texas Builders Association and the Certified Contractors Network. Also, look for labor guarantees—like what Jones & Associates offer—that can last as long as 10 years so that you are assured that the contractor is confident with their work.

When your sidings need replacing and your roof needs repair, it’s easy enough to find a contractor to do the job for you. The hard part is finding the right and trustworthy one, so if you don’t take to heart these tips, you might be in trouble. Anyone can be a scam victim, after all.

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