Part 2: Siding Showdown: Steel vs. Other Siding Materials – Steel vs. Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the more popular options for siding today as it is easy to install, affordable and stylish. What can steel offer as a siding material compared to vinyl?


Outside temperatures changes are largely unpredictable, but they mostly involve a constant shift between hot and cold. This constant shift causes expansions and contractions in materials but how much occurs depends on the material. Both vinyl and steel will contract and expand as temperatures change but vinyl has a tendency to warp or blister over time. Steel, on the other hand, is able to retain its shape and appearance despite expanding and contracting, making it an ideal siding option now that the weather is highly erratic.

Color Options

Both vinyl and steel offer a range of color options to address whatever preference you might have. Color options are also factory-applied for both, taking away the need for a separate painting job once siding is installed. The problem with vinyl is that it cannot be repainted once it fades. If a siding panel loses its color, it will have to be replaced to maintain your home’s appearance. This is not the case for steel. The siding material can be repainted so not only will retouches be a breeze but you can also change the color of your siding as often as you want.

Fire Resistance

Fire is one of the biggest threats to your home. Whether the threat comes from a property beside yours or you live in an area prone to wildfires, steel siding can protect your home better than vinyl siding can because it can resist fire. Vinyl, on the other hand, will melt and even burn under very high temperatures.

Cost vs. Value

Vinyl may be more affordable to install than steel as a siding material but the latter offers more value on the overall given its many benefits. Getting steel siding may be more costly upfront but you can expect it to last basically through anything, with minimal maintenance work, so you make the most of what you spend.

Steel definitely took this round from vinyl. Want to see how it stacks up against fiber cement? Learn more about these two siding materials in part 3!

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