Part 1: Siding Showdown: Steel vs. Other Siding Materials – Steel vs. Aluminum

When it comes to metal siding, steel and aluminum are common options. It’s easy to lump together the two because they’re from the same material family but a closer inspection will reveal that steel is definitely different from aluminum. But how different exactly? Taking into consideration some points reveal just how much.

Water Resistance

Water and metal don’t generally mix but between the two metal siding materials, aluminum has better natural resistance to moisture. However, this doesn’t mean steel can’t perform well where water or moisture are involved. As siding material, steel has been developed to withstand a number of weather conditions, including rain and snow. Water protection for steel siding comes in the form of galvanization (which prevents rusting) and the use of water-resistant coating. With these, steel is able to offer comparable water resistance as aluminum.


Essentially, metal is durable. It is safe to assume then that the two will last but steel has a definite edge over aluminum. This is because, at similar thicknesses, steel can withstand scratches and impacts that would normally damage aluminum. If you live in a hail-prone area especially, opting for steel is a wise choice as it will be able to deal with dents better than aluminum.


Steel is heavier than aluminum and this presents both pros and cons. Heft is a benefit because it gives steel the ability to withstand strong winds better than aluminum when extreme weather strikes. However, because aluminum is lighter, it may be easier to install than steel.


Both steel and aluminum siding are stylish, offering a range of colors, textures and finishes to complement any home perfectly. Properly pre-painted and maintained, they can retain color for up to 15 years, letting you do away with frequent repainting to maintain the appearance of metal siding on your home. Of course, you can choose to change colors sooner. Just make sure to use the right paint for the job.

That’s it for steel versus aluminum. In the next part, we’ll see how steel fares against vinyl, one of the most popular siding materials today.

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