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A company is only as good as its people, and Jones & Associates has the best in the business! Our professional West Texas home improvement team has superior skills and experience that combine to deliver the best remodeling project for you.

  • Jeff & L'Anna
  • Jeff & L’Anna Jones opened Jones & Associates in 1987. Their goal was to build a that stressed quality and integrity. That plan has been blessed. Since 2007, Jones & Associates has regularly been named as one of “Qualified Remodelers” Top 500 Contractors in the United States. They have had the privilege of working on over 11,000 South Plains Homes. Jeff and L’Anna have three children: Austin, his wife, Kim and their daughter, Ainsley, Linley, her husband Samer, and Nick and his wife Chlo, and their children, Georgia and Ben. They are extremely proud of their children and the outstanding adults they have become.  Jeff’s interests include racquetball, water skiing, hunting and reading. He has played an active role in church and serves on several community boards.  L’Anna’s interests include family time, Meals on Wheels, racquetball, water sports, shopping and reading. Her favorite role is Nana/Nanny!
  • Nick Jones
  • Nick Jones, is our Sales Manager. He spent his initial time in the field to get an understanding on the best installation practices. He then started working with our outside estimators. He has several years experience in sales having worked as a realtor while attending Texas Tech University. Nick is married to Chlo and they have 2 children.  His interests include hunting, racquetball, snow skiing, and wakeboarding.
  • Jake Neufeld
  • Jake “Furly” Neufeld  is a foundational part of both our administrative team and production department. His primary role is to handle financial documents and to measure and order all custom ordered materials. This is a huge undertaking. He also “consults” in every other part of the business and plays a key role in our entire operation. He has worked with Jones & Associates for over 20 years.  Jake is married to Lena and they have 4 children. His interests include hunting, fishing, and spending time with his beautiful family.
  • Pete Wiebe
  • Pete Wiebe  is our full time service man. Any time that a past job has a service issue, most likely Pete will come to the rescue. Pete is a talented applicator and does an outstanding job in difficult circumstances. Pete is married to Nancy and they have 4 handsome sons. Pete’s interests include riding ATV’s and 4 Wheelers.
  • Randy Wright
  • Randy Wright is a Jones & Associates veteran of over 20 years. He has filled many roles in our companyduring his career. He is committed to top service and follow up of his customers and is an essential part of our sales team. Randy is married to Shirley and they have 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren. His interests include fishing, sports, and travel.
  • Orval Jackson
  • Orval Jackson is a veteran in the home improvement business having invested over 25 years in the industry. He has worked with Jones & Associates since 2005. Orval was an educator before entering the home improvement industry. He has one adult son, Jeremy. He is an avid golfer and enjoys watching all sports.
  • Curtis Dean
  • Curtis Dean came to us with over 25 years of industry experience. He is a real people person and a valuable contribution to our staff. Curtis is married to Karen and they have 2 adult children and 1 grandson. His interests include sports, spending time with his family and all types of outdoor activities.
  • Will Gragson
  • Will Gragson is a valuable member of our sales team.  He spent his initial time in the field to get an understanding of the best installation practices.  Will graduated from West Texas A&M with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is married to Aries.  His interests include hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family.
  • Ginger Barbee
  • Ginger Barbee works as our office manager and holds our organization together. She offers excellent customer service and takes great care of the entire Jones & Associates “crew”.  She has been a valuable part of the organization for over 20 years! Ginger is married to Ellis Barbee and they have one son, Brandon. Her interests include spending time with her family and friends, music and fishing.
  • Lara McNutt
  • Lara McNutt is a vital part of our administrative team taking on new responsibilities every day in helping to serve our customers. She grew up in Ropesville, TX. She married Micah McNutt in July 2015. Their son, Lincoln, was born in September 2016.  She loves photography and her 3 dogs. We are proud to have her on our team!!
  • Eddie Trevino
  • Eddie Trevino is a valuable member of our team who handles building maintenance and customer service.  Before Eddie joined us in July 2014, he enjoyed a multi-faceted career in education, building material sales and contracting.  He and his wife, Brenda, have three adult sons and two grandsons.  His hobbies include playing the guitar and reading.
  • Tyler Knittle
  • Tyler Knittle  grew up in Midland, TX  He went to Texas State Technical College and acquired an associates degree in Construction Science.  We are excited to welcome him on board due to his exceptional work ethic and positive attitude. He has completed an intensive Penntek Concrete Coating certification class. We are blessed to have Tyler on our team! We have no doubt you will have have a great experience with him working at your home.

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