Jeff and L’Anna Jones opened Jones & Associates in May of 1987.  Their goal was to offer the ultimate customer experience when purchasing a home improvement project.  From the first day, there was great concentration on proper product selection, superior installation practices, proper communication with customers and excellent pricing.

The offering was well received by West Texas homeowners.  Jones & Associates has been blessed to experience steady growth.  They have grown from a  4 person staff to a group of over 35 hard workers.  They have grown from nothing to a firm that does $7 million in gross sales each year.  They are now consistently recognized as one of the “Top 500 Contractors “ in the United States by Qualified Remodelers magazine.

The success that Jones & Associates experiences drives the entire organization to continue to improve their  products, practices and prices.  Integrity and dependability are not just buzzwords, but rather are the driving principles that guide their operations.  Every day, they work hard to ensure that “the proof really is in the puddin’”.