New Paint or New Siding? Which Is Better for Your Home

So, you’re looking to upgrade your exteriors. Perhaps you’re not sure which project to prioritize. Have you noticed paint chipping off the outer walls of your home? There’s a place to start.




Jones & Associates has been in the siding business for many years. We’ve had homeowners ask us whether a repaint job or siding installation is the better answer to flaking walls. In our experience as a siding contractor in Lubbock, TX, installing a sturdy siding trumps a new coat of paint most of the time. Here’s why you need to stop painting your walls and start investing in good quality siding instead:


1. Paint flakes off.
If you have painted exteriors, chances are you have to deal with peeling and chipping issues frequently. You may try to solve this issue by applying thick fresh coats of paint, but this solution is not cost-effective. Because of paint’s chemical composition, even thick coats may flake off in the long run.


Great siding, on the other hand, will last long even with minimal upkeep on your end. Steel siding, for example, requires no repainting or staining over the course of its relatively long life span. It’s so sturdy that you’re unlikely to ask your siding contractor in Odessa, TX, for frequent repair or replacement.


2. Paint offers minimal protection from the elements.
Extreme temperatures can damage paint easily. Too much moisture, for example, causes paint to form bubbles, crack, and then peel off. Don’t take moisture lightly! It’s a serious problem that can compromise your building’s structural integrity later on.


Fortunately, siding products today are designed to withstand the elements. Depending on the material, these can protect your exteriors for many years. Steel, for instance, resists denting from hail or heavy snow. Unlike paint, it is not susceptible to rotting, flaking, or blistering even when exposed to moisture.


3. Paint ceases to look good over time.
What’s the key to a great-looking home? It’s definitely not exteriors with fading paint or outdated color schemes. One of the great drawbacks of painted exteriors is that you have to reapply fresh coats to the surface once every few years just to preserve their looks. It’s costly and tasking.


When you install great siding, however, beauty does not come at an extra cost. Siding these days already comes in a wide selection of textures and styles that will complement any home. Steel options from Jones & Associates even feature colorfast coating for vibrant hues that won’t fade or peel for years to come.


Leave painting to the artists. For long-lasting beauty and weather protection, choose to install siding instead. To learn more about great steel options, give Jones & Associates a call at (806) 796-1913 today. Schedule a free in-home estimate to get started.

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