Moore, OK

Moore, Oklahoma.  If you weren’t familiar with this Oklahoma City suburb before, you certainly are now.  The devastating tornado that struck this town on May 20, 2013 was responsible for 24 deaths, hundreds of injuries and billions of dollars in property damage.  What a tragedy!

I can only imagine the pain that is being endured by those who have suffered this sudden loss, particularly those who have lost loved ones.  I doubt any Moore resident woke up the morning of the 20th and could begin to fathom what they would experience before the sun went down that day.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all these victims.  We can also help by sending clothes, supplies and money.  Any assistance we can provide to our neighbors will, no doubt, be appreciated.  Anyone who has ever been knocked down remembers the outstretched hand that helped them up.

When something like this happens, I tend to consider “what’s the ‘take away'” ramification for my life.  I mean, I didn’t suffer any property loss, as far as I know.  I didn’t even have a connection with anyone who lived there, but I do have the human connection of just knowing that there are others, just like me, who suffered extreme loss that “came out of the blue.”  No warning!  So, in and through this tragedy, I’m reminded of the fragility of life and circumstances.  One day it’s all smooth, then the next day there’s a train wreck.

While we might not personally experience the widespread destruction wrought by a tornado, life selectively deals it’s own unique challenges.  Our lives can be changed at our next doctor’s appointment, our next car trip to the grocery store, or the latest shift in the financial market.  Bottom line, our physical experience is fragile at best.  So, my take away?  Appreciate whatever you have “today”.  Love on the people around you “today”.  Breathe deeply and experience life “today”.  For tomorrow our circumstances can be much different.  Just consider what the fine folks at Moore just dealt with.  Of course, the even greater truth is that our physical experience, for good or bad, is not the end of the story for a follower of Christ.  Regardless of our physical situation, our hope and ultimate salvation has already been ensured by our loving God and faithful Savior.  In that truth, we can rest!

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