Money-Saving Project to Tackle Right Now: Window Inspection

We’d all like to improve our homes and save money at the same time. The key is in picking the project that pays off down the line. Here’s one: checking your windows for leaks.

Step 1: Inspect.

Use your eyes!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a good percentage of the energy you pay for could be flying out the window. No wonder your monthly bills have been soaring. You can take back control of your energy spending by taking a closer look at your windows. Keep an eye out for any of the following issues:

Failed caulking. Caulking (or in some homes, weather stripping) is applied around the framing for an airtight seal. They can crack or peel off over time. It’s important that they stay in place so that air, water, and other outdoor elements cannot enter your home.

Gaps. Poor installation often results in gaps around the unit. If you can see your garden through wide enough spaces between the frame and the wall, you have leaks. These need to be sealed so that air ventilated air stays where it should—indoors.

Difficult operation. To better weatherproof your windows, make sure they open and close properly. If you have double-hung windows, test if the sashes slide smoothly up and down. For casement units, make sure the cranks are tight enough and that the levers fully lock.

Older windows tend to be leaky. If your current units have seen better days, you best be replacing them with energy-saving windows Odessa, TX, experts recommend.

Step 2: Replace.

Hire it!

This project doesn’t end after you figure the issues of your current units. When you find that you need to get rid of them, don’t delay calling a pro. They’ll help you pick the most cost-effective replacement for your leaky windows.

Jones & Associates specializes in energy-saving windows in Lubbock, TX. We distribute and install superb units from Simonton Windows. These windows are among the best in the business. They feature low-emissivity glass that blocks harmful UV and infrared (heat) light without sacrificing visibility. These highly efficient windows are ENERGY STAR rated and can help keep your energy costs down all year round!

Don’t put up with your leaky windows. Replacing them will save you more down the line. Get in touch with us at (806) 686-1380 for a free in-home consultation. We’ll help you get this money-saving project started!

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