Metal Roofing: Its Environmental Benefits and More

With today’s roofing technology, the roof can actually do more than just provide shelter. Metal, for instance, is now becoming one of the most preferred roofing materials because of the many benefits it offers.


Jones & Associates, experts when it comes to roofing and window replacement in Lubbock, TX, has been installing metal roofs for many years now. In that time, we truly believe that metal roofs have an edge over other options available today. So what are the benefits you can expect from metal roofing? Let’s check them out:


A Roof to Last

One of the reasons why many homeowners choose metal roofing is because of its strength and durability. With the harsh Texan climate, this type of roofing can prove to be vital for your home’s comfort and your family’s safety because metal can withstand tough weather conditions.


Aesthetic Versatility

Metal roofs can be made to look like different roofing materials because they come in various types and colors. This means that metal roofing will remain beautiful when paired with pretty much any home design, from traditional to contemporary.


The Green Roofing Choice

As more and more people are becoming concerned about the environment, eco-friendly products like metal roofing are becoming a favorite among many green enthusiasts. But what makes metal roofs a green option?


  • Recyclability and Sustainability – Most metal roofs are made from recycled metal, and after many years when you decide that your roof needs replacement, your metal roof will also be recycled. Unlike asphalt shingles and most roofing materials that end up in landfills, metal roofs can significantly help reduce construction and industrial waste.
  • Energy Efficiency – Metal is an energy-efficient roofing material. It helps reduce the roof’s surface temperature by reflecting back heat (solar radiation). This means that your air conditioners won’t have to work more than they need to just to keep everyone cool and comfortable indoors. Less energy consumption means lower energy bills.


So if you’re thinking about getting your roof replaced this summer, what could be better than the durability, beauty, and energy efficiency of a metal roof? For your metal roofing needs, Jones & Associates is the roofer you can rely on. We offer outstanding products and services when it comes to metal roofing and replacement windows in Odessa, TX, and the surrounding areas.


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