Manage yourself, manage your career

Managing employees can be challenging. Managing yourself can be even harder. But developing solid self-management skills can send your career hurtling into star territory. Concentrate on these:

Focus. Learn your company’s goals, and then add your own value to attaining them.

Time management. Review your efficiency, and devise ways to improve it. Try new work routines and habits to boost productivity.
Copy. Borrow other people’s methods for self-improvement constantly and relentlessly.
Planning. Plan your work, but also be ready for problems and interruptions. Build time into your schedule for problem solving so that you can avoid working in a crisis-fueled panic.
Realistic outlook. Accept the occasional unproductive day, and even work slumps of a few weeks. You can’t work at 110 percent all the time, and criticizing yourself wastes precious energy.
Work patterns. Some people work in great bursts and long hours. Others work in slow steady rhythms. Whatever yours is, know it and respect it.
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