Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Fresh


As your home ages, it’s important to keep it looking fresh through routine maintenance. A well-kept home can increase property value, indoor comfort, curb appeal, and energy efficiency. Proper maintenance also ensures that all components of your home can keep up with the intense West Texas weather.


To keep your home from looking too old or worn out, here are some maintenance tips from Jones & Associates, a reliable siding contractor in Midland, TX.



1. Focus on factors that greatly affect your home.


Your roof, windows, and siding all face a common enemy: the elements. Different weather conditions pound on your home’s exterior components, making them more prone to damage as the years pass. Understanding your area’s climate can help you choose a material that can stand strong against any weather condition.



2. After severe weather situations like storms and heavy rain, inspect your home for leaks and damage.


Conduct a visual inspection of your siding, windows, doors, and roofs. Look for signs of damage such as cracks, holes, or gaps around frames. You should also look for leaks in your roof to avoid moisture and water damage.



3. Deal with damage problems immediately.


When you leave roofing, window, door, and siding problems unattended, you open the way to bigger issues that may require more costly repairs. Damaged components can also affect your home’s overall energy efficiency, indoor comfort, and curb appeal.



4. Set aside a contingency fund for routine maintenance.


It’s always good to be prepared for any situation. Maintenance should be done at least twice a year to prepare your home for harsher seasons ahead.



Maintenance is a hassle-free experience especially when you work with a professional siding contractor in Lubbock, TX like Jones & Associates. We offer high-quality, durable, and beautiful materials that rarely need maintenance, such as:


 • Steel siding – We offer this material for long-lasting appeal without the need for maintenance. Our steel siding comes with a colorfast coat that will not fade or peel. It can also beautify your home with various colors and textures from which you can choose. With steel siding, you don’t have to worry about the harsh West Texas climate.
• Metal roofs – To keep your home protected for many years, metal roofing is the ideal choice. It is an energy-efficient option that is available in fade-resistant colors. Metal roofing is also strong enough to withstand any climate and is virtually maintenance-free.
• Vinyl replacement windows – We carry Simonton windows that will never need scraping or painting. This low-maintenance vinyl window also has superior thermal performance and stands up to extreme temperatures.
• Entry doors – Our steel and fiberglass entry doors can bring class and elegance to your home, ensuring energy savings and durability.


Upgrade your home today to keep it looking young and fresh for many years. Call us to schedule a free consultation and estimate. You can also reach us through our contact form.

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