Happy New Year 2012!!

Happy New Year! I hope this year holds strong promise and opportunity for you and yours.

This is a big year for us at Jones & Associates! This year we will celebrate 25 years in business. Throughout that time, we have faced many challenges and enjoyed many triumphs. To be honest, the challenges we have faced have probably taught us much more than the triumphs. I once read that the food that’s grown as we endure the valleys of life is the food that sustains us on the mountain top. There is a lot of wisdom there. It is also a lesson worth concentrating on as you walk through tough periods in your life. It helps in understanding the value of pain and trials. It seems that most anything can be endured if there is an expectation that the pain will end at some point and that there is the potential for a payoff at the end of your suffering. Christians always have the promise that ultimately the pain will end and that there is an eternity of peace and joy awaiting them.

Regardless of what you are experiencing in your life right now, I pray you can realize blessings that you are experiencing. You have a God that loves you and wants the best for you. Perhaps we can join together in making this the year we practice having an “attitude of gratitude”. Join me in focusing on what’s right, rather than what’s wrong. Together let’s concentrate on the positive and constructively work on the things we can improve!

May 2012 be your best year ever! We thank you for positively impacting our business and our lives. You’re the best!!

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