Get your roof fixed immediately to avoid water damage


Even though Lubbock Texas has mild, semi-arid climate, the area also experiences thunderstorms from time to time. Residents should prepare for such an event by making sure that their roofs and siding can hold out heavy rains as it could cause severe damage to their homes. One other component homeowners should keep track of is the plumbing system such as pipe leaks and clogged toilets.


Water damage is caused by different sources – from roof leaks to flooding – that can lead to severe harm to your home’s structural integrity. This article from provides a few tips on water damage:


Water from flooding or plumbing problems can be a very destructive force in your home. Be prepared for a possible emergency scenario so that you can act quickly should water damage actually occur. Here are the essentials you need to know.


Be prepared – Make sure that your homeowners’ insurance policy covers water damage.


First response – Identify the source of the water for example, a roof leak due to heavy rainfall.


Salvage your possessions – Remove small items which are expensive or have sentimental value.


Remove standing water and clean up – A relatively small amount of water may be cleaned up with mops and old towels, bedding or rags.


Important tip – Be very careful when attempting to clean a flooded area. Moisture can do serious damage to drywall. If you have any doubt about the safety of the building structure, get expert help.


In light of this, you should always check for roof leaks and water spots. If you notice any rotting siding panel or some missing roof shingles, you should contact the most reliable contractor in Lubbock immediately. Jones & Associates home improvement company offers high-quality materials and the best services in the business, to prevent your home from incurring water damage.


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(Article Excerpt and Image from: Take fast action when water damage occurs,, May 24, 2014)


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