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If your current windows no longer enhance the façade of your home or they are starting to show signs of damage (thus offering poor protection against the harsh weather elements or failing to filter the noise), experts on replacement windows in Lubbock TX and Midland will tell you it’s time to update them.


The next thing to decide on is whether to get repairs or replacements. If the original framing is still in good shape, a replacement pane can be installed into the original opening with new sashes, side jambs and trim. However, if the frame has deformed or rotted, an entirely new window will be necessary. When you’ve decided on the type of work you want, next comes the choice on the window style that appeals to your needs. A article let’s you in on some options:


Double-glazed windows are the popular option. There are two panes of glass in a frame. The gap between the panes acts as a layer of insulation. It improves the window’s ability to maintain the building’s temperature.


Sometimes, newer structures have triple-glazed windows. They are more expensive, but they also provide additional insulation benefits…


…When energy efficiency is a key concern, casement windows are the best choice. This simple high-and-crank design lowers air seepage. When the wind pushes against the glass, the seal becomes tight and reduces leakage.


When it comes to home materials, know that people who live in sunnier, drier climates have unique concerns. Ask Jones & Associates and learn a thing or two about the best types of replacement windows suited for Midland TX, Lubbock, Odessa and other cities in West Texas. The first thing to do is to request for a free estimate – and if your name is picked in their quarterly “Jones Boys Big Hat” contest, you can get the service for free! For more details, check out their promotions page at



(Article Excerpt and Image from, What to Look for When Buying Windows, March 4, 2014)

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