Frequently Asked Questions about Steel Siding

When choosing a siding to enhance your home’s curb appeal and resistance against the elements, it is essential to check the characteristics of each siding material. This will tell you if your prospective siding material will meet your needs. You can also rely on expert siding installers such as Jones & Associates to provide you with answers that will address your concerns.


Steel Siding

Here are the questions frequently asked by our clients about our siding product:


Does Siding Make a Home More Energy-Efficient?


It can, depending on the siding material you choose to install in your home. For example, a vinyl siding backed by insulating foam offers great energy efficiency. As our reliable siding contractor in Midland, TX, we also offer steel siding that provides great insulation. It can help reduce heat that builds up in your home, lessening your reliance on your HVAC units, which can drive up your energy bills. Our representatives will be happy to explain more about energy-efficient siding.


What Are Signs That I Need To Replace My Siding?


Check the areas that are close to your gutters and underneath eaves. If you see signs of deterioration or severe water damage, then your siding may be due for replacement.


What Are The Benefits Of Installing Steel Siding?


As a top siding contractor in Lubbock, TX, we offer steel siding that will protect your home from the elements for a long time. It can withstand strong winds and severe weather conditions. It is not subject to rotting, fading, chipping, and warping, despite sudden changes in temperature, making it a great low-maintenance option. Lastly, it comes in an array of colors that will match your home’s exterior theme, adding more value to it.


Do You Offer Warranty?


Yes. In fact, aside from manufacturer warranties on products and materials, your trusted siding contractor in Odessa, TX, offers a 10-year workmanship guarantee. If you encounter a problem with one of our products and services stemming from poor installation, you can expect us to resolve it for you as soon as possible.


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