Enhance Your Curb Appeal By Getting New Windows

Selling a home isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of patience, demands the attention, and a huge amount of effort for the homeowner to close a deal at the soonest time possible. Your mission is to make your home the top choice of prospects out there so you can get your money back quickly. The sure way to do that is to enhance your home’s curb appeal. According to Forbes:


When selling your home, the tremendous importance of making a good first impression cannot be overstated. There’s not a seller out there who would want potential buyers to drive by and just continue on their way. But despite the critical role of curb appeal, there are still a fair number of people who focus so much on preparing the inside of their house that they forget about the outside.

You know you’ve achieved great curb appeal when the outside of your house looks inviting enough that a buyer will want to stay long enough to see the inside of the home.


What you want is for your home to look good as new so prospects won’t take a second look. Get window replacement in Lubbock TX and eliminate the possible snarls and troubles your old ones could cost you. You can choose among the following window styles:


Double Hung/ Single Hung Windows offer that vintage look. They slide open vertically. Single hung windows only open at the bottom, while double hung windows open both at the top and the bottom.

Slider Windows are similar to single and double hung windows, only that they slide open horizontally.  

Casement Windows are good for small spaces that need little ventilation. They’re attached by a hinge so they swing open on one side.

Awning Windows are like casement windows only that they swing outward instead of sideward. They are hinged from the top.

Picture Windows do not open and are installed for the purpose of display or lighting.  

Bay Windows bulk out and create extra space for sitting or storage.  

Bow Windows are like bay windows only that they’re rounder in shape.

Garden Windows are box style windows that protrude out for extra storage.


For window replacement in Midland TX, Lubbock TX, and the surrounding areas contact Jones and Associates. With the experience we have we can help you choose which style will look best for your house so you can achieve the curb appeal that will end you with a closed deal.

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