Do You Need to Replace Your Siding? Signs to Look Out For

The siding’s primary function is to protect your exterior walls from the elements, and from moisture, insect and fungus intrusion. It also contributes to your home’s curb appeal.

Siding Replacement

Modern siding products have the advantage of better longevity, compared with their older counterparts. Nonetheless, your will eventually have to call a top siding company Lubbock, TX, for a replacement. Knowing when to call before it’s too late can actually save you on costly repairs.


Vinyl Siding


Vinyl remains the most popular siding material due to its comparatively low cost, low maintenance, and virtually unlimited color and design options. Modern vinyl siding even has enhancements like built-in insulation, and resistance against extreme outside temperatures.


Despite its touted low-maintenance properties, vinyl isn’t entirely indestructible. In fact, exposure to extreme temperatures causes cracking and bowing, which could expose the wall underneath. Your siding company in Midland, TX, will tell you that repairing this kind of damage would cost more than simply replacing it.


If this happens too often, you should consider choosing a different siding type. Our steel siding at Jones and Associates is just as low maintenance as vinyl. Nonetheless, it’s much better at keeping its shape under extreme temperatures.


Fiber Cement


This siding option is fast becoming a popular choice on new homes. A combination of cement and wood or composite fibers, it displays exceptional performance under extreme temperatures, and as low-maintenance as vinyl.


Fiber cement, however, is also susceptible to extreme weather conditions — not as much as temperatures as strong winds and impact from wind-blown debris. That’s why it is recommended that you should look at your siding after a storm. A closer inspection should reveal dents, cracks and other physical damage that would merit replacement.


When getting replacement siding, consider choosing more resilient material. Steel siding is more resistant against physical damage, and requires replacement much less often than fiber cement siding.


Jones and Associates is the siding company in Odessa, TX, to go to when it comes to steel siding. Call us today at (806) 796-1913 or fill out our contact form for a free in-home consultation.

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