Always be ready to get to work

Preparation is the key to success, but how many of us are prepared to succeed at a moment’s notice? Sales consultant Eddie Mayen once asked a successful Hollywood agent who worked with lots of actors how he distinguished between a good performer and a truly great one.

The agent replied that every ambitious actor has one or two good monologues ready to perform for an agent or a director, but only a handful can really launch into action at a moment’s notice. Most of them need one or two minutes to “get into character” or otherwise get ready to audition. But those who can become another person without hesitation are the people who are likely to succeed in show business.

It’s the same in almost any industry. Are you ready to start selling to a customer, or work on your novel, or build a new machine, whenever you get an opportunity? If so, you’re already prepared—and ahead of the pack of other people who “just need a few minutes” to get ready.

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