5 Factors Telling You It’s Time to Buy Replacement Windows


Reasons people upgrade their gadgets include slow processors, battery life issues, and outdated features. When it comes to different parts of your home, the need for an upgrade may not always be obvious. Some homeowners prefer to repair problems with their windows, doors, or siding rather than buy replacements. Although some issues may seem repairable at first, you may eventually have to consider replacing your windows, especially when they’re beyond their service life.


To help you determine when it’s time to get replacement windows in Lubbock TX, we’ve listed some factors you need to consider:


1. Your window is single pane. This type of window isn’t as effective in limiting heat transfer as other types like double-pane and triple-pane windows. When too much heat passes through the windows, your HVAC system will have to work harder than it should to meet the required temperature in your home. This may significantly impact your energy usage.


2. Your windows don’t operate smoothly. Your windows should open and close smoothly. If they don’t, you may have problems with their parts. If you don’t replace them, ventilation and insulation issues may occur.


3. Your window seals are no longer intact. Seals keep your windows airtight. The expansion and contraction of your window’s frame during extreme temperatures may eventually damage the seals. If your experience occasional drafts with your windows even when they are closed or newly sealed, then you should consider replacing them. Remember, undetected air leaks can increase your energy consumption.


4. External noise is distracting you. When noise in your neighborhood is making you uncomfortable inside your home, think about replacing your windows. Many windows today, such as Simonton windows, can dampen sound and help increase the comfort level of your home.


5. There is condensation between glass panes. Condensation occurs when your window’s frame or coating cannot withstand certain climates. Ignoring this issue may lead to problems in insulation and result in higher energy consumption. Many double- and triple-pane windows contain insulating gas. This provides better thermal resistance, resulting in better insulation and increased energy efficiency.


Don’t let window problems affect your home’s energy efficiency and comfort level. If you see any of these factors, it’s time to get replacement windows in Midland TX. Contact Jones & Associates, a professional contractor in the West Texas area, to help you assess your windows’ condition. Unlike purchasing a new gadget where online reviews are often enough to help you decide, we know that when it comes to your replacement windows, in-home consultation is more helpful. Feel free to give us a call. We’d be more than glad to answer your questions.

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