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The health of your roofing systems is crucial to the comfort and safety of your family. In order to ensure that your roof is performing as it should, we recommend that you have it inspected every 3-5 years by a roofing expert like Jones & Associates.

In between inspections, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for signs of roof damage. Serious or otherwise, roof damage should be documented and never left alone. Here are a few signs that you may need a new roof:

1. Leaks or stains on interior walls
2. Streaking on exterior walls
3. Missing or damaged shingles
4. Rust build-up on metal roofing
5. Excessive mold or mildew growth
6. Water damage anywhere in the home
7. Staining in rafter or attic

These are not always signs that drastic action needs to be taken, but if you start to notice one or more of these signs it is crucial that you call a professional roofer like Jones & Associates right away. Even slight roof damage can develop into a situation that requires a full replacement if left to its own devices. Water damage spreads quickly and can affect the structure of your home from your roof all the way down to the foundation.

Water damage can cause more than just staining or puddles in your living room. In more extreme cases, penetrating water can enter your interior walls and find its way to your electrical wiring. This has lead to dangerous electrical fires in homes across the country. That same water can also pool up and become a breeding ground for toxins, which are released into the air and circulated around your home.

For the comfort and safety of your family, it is vital that you keep a watchful eye on the health of your roofing system. Constant vigilance is a small price to pay for a fully functioning roof.

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