Great Steel Siding Fitted By a Trusted Midland, TX Siding Company

Great Steel Siding Fitted By a Trusted Midland TX Siding Company image

Steel Siding Fitted By a Trusted Midland, TX Siding Company is Great


A lot of people understand the importance of siding in a home. Not only does good siding provide an aesthetic boost to any house, but they also protect the house from the elements that nature consistently throws at them every single day of the year.

Older siding, however, do not last forever. Eventually, it will show signs of failure, such as warping, water stains and the infestation of insects and other pests. If the siding presents these issues, then it is imperative that homeowners call a trusted siding company in Midland, TX to try out a new type of siding: steel.

Emilio Bonilla of SidingMagazine.comdetails the great benefits of steel siding. He writes:

Steel siding is considerably heavier than aluminum and requires extensive labor to install. It is durable and will last, on average, greater than 20 years. Along with increased durability comes an increased price tag. Consumers can expect to pay $6 to $9 per square foot installed. The price point depends on the quality of the steel and the panel style. Steel panels come in a variety of colors and resist fading. The panels will not turn chalky with exposure. Steel contains about 25% recycled content and is 100% recyclable when discarded.

Another benefit of steel siding includes the fact that seamless steel siding can adapt to the specific contours and dimensions of any individual home. The introduction of seamless steel siding means that homes can now be protected without gaps for insects and other factors dangerous to the home having a small avenue to penetrate.

Finally, steel siding is easy to maintain. An occasional wash with a garden hose does the trick. This feature is perfect for a lot of households that do not have the time in the day to regularly maintain their siding.

Steel siding are a perfect fit for a lot of Texan households. Homeowners interested in acquiring steel siding should consult with a trusted Midland or Lubbock, TX siding company like Jones & Associates to learn more information.


(Article Excerpt and Image from METAL SIDING PANELS – JUST THE FACTS,, June 19, 2012)

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