Here at Jones & Associates we offer a vast selection of West Texas replacement windows sizes, shapes, and styles to provide you with many choices when it comes to home décor. Our design team will work with you to choose the best fit for any room in your home. Our local windows experts have installed thousands of replacement windows in Lubbock TX, Odessa TX, Midland TX, and throughout West Texas. Each window is custom measured and made to fit your home.

Here is a brief look at each window style we carry:

Double Hung/Single Hung Window
In these traditional styles, the sashes slide vertically. In a single hung window, only the bottom sash moves. In a double hung window, both top and bottom sashes open for increased ventilation.

Slider Window
Slider windows are similar to single/double hung windows, but open horizontally, not vertically. You will have the option to choose whether one or both sashes open, based on the room in which it will be installed.

Casement Window
Casement windows have hinges located on one side and swing open. Their small size and tight seal make them perfect for tight spaces, such as around cabinets or counters in the kitchen.

Awning Window
Awning windows are similar to casement windows, but hinged at the top. They swing outward to provide ventilation without the risk of allowing rainwater to penetrate into the home.

Picture Window
Picture windows are made up of one large, single flat glass panel. They make for a wide viewing area, but do not open. You will have the option of installing side lights.

Bay Window
Bay windows feature three or more glass panels set at an angle and jutting out from the home. This creates extra space in any room for storage or a seating area.

Bow Window
Bow windows are similar to bay window but with a more gentle curve.

Garden Window
Garden windows are a “Box” style window extending from your exterior walls. They are often installed in rooms that require more space, namely the kitchen or living room.

Replacing your windows is just one simple and effective way to greatly improve the appearance and value of your home. Homeowners in West Texas know to turn to Jones & Associates for replacement windows, doors, roofing, & siding services in Lubbock, Odessa, Midland, and other Texas cities. For more than 29 years we have been the area’s top choice for quality materials, superior installations, and excellent customer service.

To learn more about our wide selection window styles and to work with our design team to choose the right one for you, give us a call or fill out our Request a Quote form.

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