5 Design Ideas For Rooms With Multiple Windows


Rooms with multiple windows offer several benefits that include better ventilation, more natural light, and wide views. Multiple windows also give you more flexibility in terms of choosing window treatments. If you happen to have multiple-window rooms in your home or you want to add replacement windows in the future, consider the following ideas:


Multiple Windows

1. Window treatments that follow the room’s theme – Rooms with a specific motif or color palette need window treatments that fit in, especially when the theme needs to look authentic. For example, if you have a handcrafted, Arts and Crafts theme going, you should pick window treatments with a handcrafted look and feel.


2. Non-distracting window treatments – If a particular room happens to have a spectacular view, don’t waste it with visually-distracting window treatments. Choose plain, simple fabrics with colors that blend into their surroundings when open, such as roller shades with light fabric. The idea is that they should virtually disappear, directing your focus to the view.


3. Fabrics with bold prints – Conversely, you can choose big, bold prints to add a splash of color and accentuate the windows themselves. This works in rooms where there is an abundance of neutral colors, to the point where it’s starting to look monotonous. Continue this theme by choosing the same or similar patterns on the sheets and pillows. As a bonus, swapping color palettes is a lot easier compared to repainting the room whenever the colors get boring.


4. Mix and match textures – Today’s replacement windows typically have frames that are less ornamental compared with traditional wood frames, often available in neutral colors. It may look plain on its own, but it actually gives you the flexibility to try different textures without clashing with the windows. If plain fabrics and plantation shutters aren’t doing it for you, try other textures like bamboo, wicker, or handwoven fabric.


5. Simple treatments over busy areas – If you have multiple windows above an area with lots of activity, like a row of windows over the sink or a banquette, drapes wouldn’t be an option. You need simple window treatments that can be operated individually. Roller shades and other top-mounted window treatments allow freedom of movement while controlling shade and privacy as needed.


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