Why Steel Siding Is Becoming a Crowd Favorite

One of the primary concerns of many homeowners is the protection of their structure. They want the kind of protection that is durable, beautiful, and long lasting. Steel siding meets these preferences, and it is becoming a popular material because people are discovering its numerous benefits.

Exceptional Benefits of Steel Siding

As your trusted local siding company in Midland, TX, Jones & Associates lets you into the world of steel siding. Here are its main benefits:

Ease of Maintenance. Steel is among the siding materials that don’t need frequent upkeep. It doesn’t require painting or scraping, and it can still look as good as new for a long period.

Protection. You don’t have to worry about Texas climate. Our steel siding offers all-out protection against wind, rain, snow, ice, and hail. It also prevents air infiltration.

Resilience. Steel siding is essentially durable. It doesn’t rot, fade, and chip. Sure, it is prone to scratches and has a potential to rust if poorly installed, but proper maintenance helps mitigate these issues.

Energy Efficiency. Who doesn’t want a siding material that helps you save on energy costs? Our steel siding provide exactly that and better-quality insulation for greater indoor comfort.

Aesthetics. The steel siding that our experts install gives long-lasting beauty. We also have a wide color selection to complement your existing home design.

Longevity. When properly installed and maintained, steel siding can last up to forty years or so, unlike other siding materials that can be expensive to maintain yet are highly susceptible to damage.

Good Investment. It’s one of the siding materials that offer the lowest initial expense, as it pays for itself over time.

Jones & Associates: Quality Steel Siding for Every Home

Since 1987, we have been installing excellent siding in the neighborhood. We believe that steel siding is the perfect material for the West Texas climate, that’s why we highly recommend them to our clients. All the mentioned benefits of steel siding can only be achieved with the help of professional installers. We take pride in our workers, as they are expertly trained and equipped to handle all kinds of installations. They are masters of their craft, making sure to provide quality siding installations every single time. Jones & Associates is your trusted siding company in Lubbock, TX, that doesn’t take any installation for granted.

If you want to learn more about steel siding, just call us at (806) 686-1380 or (800) 658-2060 today. You can also send us a message to schedule a FREE in-home consultation.

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