What to Expect during Your Window Replacement

The benefits of upgrading your windows heighten in West Texas. Switching to energy-efficient units directly result to lower utility bills by reducing the cost of cooling and artificial lighting. Apart from blocking the heat and minimizing thermal transfer, high-performance windows also provide superior UV protection to slow down the fading of your valuables.

Window Replacement

When considering a windows replacement as your next home project, Jones and Associates shares the things you should expect:


Custom-building replacement fenestration products, especially windows, is becoming more popular than buying off-the-shelf items. Customization doesn’t only let you design your glass units you way; it also ensures they’d fit your wall openings. In turn, the process helps improve long-term weathertightness and expedite the installation.

Other than window styles, premium products are available in an array of decorative choices. For instance, Simonton Platinum Prism replacement windows come in different glass, color, grid, and hardware options, giving you considerable latitude to design your dream units.

Other than helping you explore your options, an experienced design consultant will take detailed measurements of your wall apertures.


Hidden structural problems are hard to accurately predict, but experienced contractors could usually tell their presence beforehand. Your consultant would take note of them and usually list them in the contract as exclusions. It may be premature to include them in the cost, but they can help you prepare your contingency budget.


Some cities require a permit for a window replacement. If one is necessary in your area, clarify who’ll be responsible for its application. The project wouldn’t move forward unless the essential paperwork is finished.

Sweat Equity

You may be hiring professionals, but it pays to play an active role in the process to minimize the cost of labor. Clearing the pathway and the work areas is a simple gesture to speed up your project’s completion. You could leave everything to installers, but the additional time they need to prep your home for the job could cost you extra.

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