This ‘n That

I hear a lot of people say “Getting older is not for sissies”.  In fact, I hear that remark on a regular basis.  I don’t remember hearing that until the last few years.  It may be due to the fact that I’m hanging around with an older crowd.  Of course, it’s the same people I’ve been hanging around for many years.   How does that happen?
My wife and I were at a family gathering recently and we noticed that some of our relatives looked like they were getting a few miles on them.  We can only assume that they left wondering how we kept looking so young.  Just joking!  I’m sure they were noticing the same things about us.
Do you ever wonder why some people seem to age better than others?  Is it just a question of genetics or is something else at play?  I play racquetball against one guy who is at least 10 years older than me and he beats me.  I know other people his age that are walking with a cane.  Maybe some people get dealt a better hand or maybe some people are just playing their hand with a little more finesse.
No doubt, unfortunate situations like disease or accidents can take their toll on anyone.  We all know people who took great care of themselves that were visited with some unfortunate infirmity.  For those folks, I can only say, “I’m sorry.”  But how about the rest of us?  I believe that attitude followed by habit plays a pretty big role in how we age.  It seems that most of the fit oldsters that I know maintain a mindset and level of activity that’s more common among their younger counterparts.  It seems like these fit and healthy seniors missed the memo that they’re supposed to start slowing down.
How about you?  How intentional are you about how you think and what you do?  I know that I’m not intentional enough about my health, but it’s sure something to consider.

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