Why Steel is The Best Siding Material For West Texas Homes


In West Texas, there’s no better siding material than steel. It outperforms all of its counterparts, both natural and manufactured (including aluminum) in every area.


Best Siding Material

What makes steel the best choice for siding installation in our region? Jones and Associates talks about its winning qualities:


It’s Immune to Detrimental Elements


Nature is practically no threat to steel. It’s as tough as nails, standing up to hail, wind and rain. Heavier than aluminum, steel delivers superior impact resistance. As a noncombustible material, it fireproofs all of your exterior walls. Unlike wood, rugged steel is impervious to insects and doesn’t absorb moisture to preserve its structural integrity for the years to come.


Compared with ordinary steel siding, we protect our products with Colorfast coatings. In turn, the steel that we use in siding installation isn’t prone to rot or deterioration.


It’s Almost Maintenance-Free


Normally, steel siding would require periodic painting to stay in good repair. Repainting your entire siding system can be costly, not to mention time-consuming. Even if you hire pros to do it, the project would still take some of your time and occupy your thoughts.


Fortunately, choosing Jones and Associates helps eliminate taxing maintenance. Colorfast coatings make our steel siding insusceptible to peeling and fading. Our innovative products don’t easily discolor with long-term exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays. With minimal upkeep, you can preserve the pristine condition of our steel siding system.


It’s Aesthetically Versatile


Contrary to popular belief, steel siding is available in a variety of styles, textures and colors. Whether you love the look of traditional lap siding or desire a smooth-looking façade, there’s a steel siding product for you. With plenty of options, steel lets you push the envelope of siding design.


Invest in the finest steel solution for your siding installation with Jones and Associates. We carry premium products and have the expertise to pull off your important exterior renovation project in a flawless fashion. Call us today at (806) 686-1380 to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation in Lubbock, Midland, or Odessa, TX.

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