Stress-Free Siding Installation: Tips to Pull It Off


Preparing for your siding installation should begin months before the project’s start date. From selecting the best product to ironing out the details of the contract, you should get everything figured out prior to the big day. Otherwise, you might struggle to keep things on track.

Stress-Free Siding Installation: Tips to Pull It Off

As the siding contractor West Texas has trusted since 1987, Jones and Associates shares some pieces of advice for a successful siding project:

Master the Order

More than knowing your siding replacement project’s start and completion dates, familiarize yourself with its schedule. Don’t start installation without outlining the activities involved. As a responsible homeowner, you should understand the big picture to monitor the progress of your project.

To have a clear view of the process, write down the tasks in order along with their deadlines. This way, you’ll be fully aware if the crew is on track with or without your supervision.

Schedule Construction Strategically

Any experienced siding contractor would agree that choosing the start date of the project is critical. Realize that certain factors can delay your project. For example, securing the necessary permit too late or beginning the construction when there’s inclement weather can stall the installation.

Although you won’t do the heavy lifting, it’s best to time the construction when you have the energy. If you can’t discuss progress reports regularly with your packed calendar, it may be better to re-schedule when you’re less busy.

Consider Arranging Temporary Accommodations

Every honest siding contractor would say that installation is disruptive to some extent. It will affect your lifestyle, which can be stressful for the kids. Since unhappy children make it harder to live through your project, staying somewhere else until the construction is over can make life easier for everyone.

With over 30 years of experience, Jones and Associates knows what it takes to plan and execute siding replacement the easy way. To talk about your project in Midland, Lubbock or Odessa, TX, call us at (806) 686-1380 today to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation and estimate.

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