7 Reasons Siding Installation Should Be Left To Pros


Siding replacement sounds simple enough that it’s tempting to DIY it. But the truth is, hiring a professional siding contractor offers several benefits over doing it yourself. Here are some of these advantages.

7 Reasons Siding Installation Should Be Left To Pros

  1. Professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured – Professional siding contractors are required to have all three before they can perform any installation. A state license and bond practically guarantees that your project will be completed as agreed upon. The insurance is especially important, as it is your assurance that you won’t be held liable in case of accidental property damage or worksite injuries.

  2. We’re trained to handle every aspect of siding installation – Professionals have the advantage of receiving training from industry-leading siding manufacturers. In addition to installation techniques, we are also trained to deal with unexpected wall problems like moisture damage while keeping the project done on time.

  3. We handle the paperwork – Getting building permits and making sure the project complies with local codes requires a lot of legwork. We process the necessary documentation ourselves since the paperwork requires that whoever will be doing the installation should sign for it.

  4. We stick to the timetable – Siding replacement isn’t ideal as a project completed over the course of several weekends, as it leaves your outer wall exposed to outside conditions. Hiring a siding contractor compresses the time frame, letting you enjoy its benefits sooner.

  5. We do the full start-to-finish service – Siding installation involves a lot of planning at the beginning, a lot of elbow grease during installation, and a lot of cleanup when it’s over. We professionals take care of everything, from helping you select siding options to the final cleanup and inspection.

  6. We have all the tools – If you’re not much of a DIYer, you’d likely have to buy several tools before you’re ready to install the siding, most of which you’d end up keeping in the garage for years.

  7. Workmanship coverage – Hiring a professional siding contractor makes you eligible for workmanship warranty coverage. It means that if any problem arises from installation errors, we will correct it at no additional expense. Whereas if you install the siding yourself and the same problems happen, you’ll have to correct it yourself.

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