Rising Utility Rates?


All the local griping about utility rates going up has created additional interest in money saving energy efficient windows and doors.  Most energy audits reflect that 40% of an averages home’s energy loss occurs at doors and windows.  If your utility bills are killing you, we may have the answer you are looking for.

Our Simonton Replacement windows boast some of the best energy efficiency ratings that can be found anywhere.  The proven design and low E glass with argon gas makes for a very good window that slows infiltration and really slows heat gain or loss.  This window is available in double hung style, picture windows and casement windows.

We also carry Wincore Doors which is the ultimate answer for door replacements.  They are available in hundreds of styles and finishes.  When you install a Wincore Door, you will probably never touch that door again.

Call us today!  We will be happy to provide you a quote on any door or window need that you have.  Remember…at Jones & Associates, we say “the proof is in the puddin”!

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