In addition to our expert siding, metal roofing, and replacement windows and doors, we offer professional carport and patio cover installation. As with all of our West Texas contracting services, our crews have been factory-trained and have worked for years to become experts in the construction and installation of carports and patio covers.


If you’ve been parking your vehicle in your driveway without any protection from the sun or other elements, you could be severely decreasing its resale value. Leaving your expensive vehicle exposed to nature’s elements can cause a rapid deterioration in the vehicle’s condition and depreciate the value of your investment. A carport could be the solution to your problems. At Jones & Associates we are experts in the construction and installation of quality carports.

Patio Covers

A patio is a great way to add outdoor space to your home. But it’s tough to enjoy a patio when the sun is at its brightest or precipitation is putting a damper on your outdoor plans. Adding a patio cover from Jones & Associates will give you more time out on your patio without having to squint at the sun or try to cover yourself up with umbrellas.

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