How We Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Through Windows

Thanks to the efforts of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through ENERGY STAR®, increased energy efficiency is among the top needs of American households. More homeowners these days value it and are willing to spend good money to improve it.

Home’s Energy Efficiency Through Windows

As West Texas’s top source of Simonton Platinum Prism energy saving windows, Jones and Associates will take your home’s energy performance to new heights. Here’s how we’ll do it:

Blocking Solar Heat

Our windows combine the key ingredients to deliver maximum energy efficiency. They feature 7/8” insulated glass covered with a ProSolar Low-E coating. It reflects a significant amount of infrared rays from the sun, which cause excessive heat gain in the summer.

Reducing Thermal Transfer

Apart from bouncing unwanted solar heat back, our ProSolar Low-E glass helps maintain your desired indoor climate all year round. Optimizing argon gas fill, our energy saving windows deliver exceptional insulation as well.

Furthermore, the Prism Platinum series has plenty of upgrade options. To take energy efficiency to higher levels, choose triple glazing filled with krypton gas. In terms of minimizing temperature transfer, three panes of glass are always better than two. Since krypton is denser than argon, expect maximum window insulation.

In addition, upgrading to the Super Spacer® System makes units conduct even less heat. Compared with metal, this solid silicone foam spacer delivers long-term, superior performance because it’s flexible enough to reduce stress cracks.

Promoting Daylighting

Our energy saving windows are also available in ProSolar® Shade, which is a spectrally selective glass. Having more coatings than the standard ProSolar, it blocks an even greater portion of infrared radiation and UV rays, while letting more sunshine in. As a result, you can enjoy natural illumination to reduce your need for artificial lighting.

Ensuring Airtight Installation

Lastly, expect flawless work from us. We have the expertise, experience, and integrity to deliver faultless workmanship, ensuring our windows would have weathertight seals for the years to come. We provide you a remarkable 10-year guarantee to protect you against defects in installation resulting in air infiltration problems and more.

Choose Jones and Associates to harness the benefits of energy-efficient windows. Call us now at (806) 686-1380 to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation in Lubbock, Midland, or Odessa, TX.

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