Advantages of Metal Roofing And Siding In West Odessa

Some of the primary reasons people choose new metal roofs and siding are durability, longevity, and beauty. Metal roof materials provide reliable protection for homes and businesses and have warranties that can last up to 50 years when properly installed by a qualified metal roofing contractor.

Metal Roofing Types

Metal roofs come in two types or styles. Those with exposed and those with unexposed screws or fasteners. A metal roof with interlocking seams, covering the screws is known as a “standing seam.” Those with exposed screws are known as “roof panels.” In addition, there are many different styles of metal roofing, such as metal shingle or tile, M seam, and 5 V crimp, to name a few.

Metal roofs are a broad category that includes stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, and alloy combinations. Because of the variety of styles, types, and colors, flat panels, and corrugated metal roofs are excellent for new installation or replacements of existing residential or commercial roofs.

Metal Roofing Options

Aluminum Roofing:

Aluminum is a durable selection for both commercial and residential roofs across the South Plains of Texas, including Lubbock, Midland/Odessa, Plainview, Post, and Levelland. Aluminum roofing provides excellent protection in areas that see increased exposure to the damaging effects of storms producing high winds and hail. Aluminum roofs come in a few styles including interlocking shingle and tile, and interlocking panels.

Residential homes can benefit from the energy efficiency of Aluminum roofing systems. And with a wide array of colors and styles, they can get something that’s just right for their home. From an energy efficiency standpoint, it is not uncommon for homeowners to see up to a 20% drop in their home heating and cooling bills. Over time, this helps offset any increased costs for the roof.

Standing Seam:

Standing seam roofs are so-called because of the prominent visual “seam” running vertically up the roof, where the seam is located. The vertical metal panels lay flat next to each other and are joined together at the sides. These interlocking joints, usually connected with fasteners, connect each subsequent panel and make a watertight barrier, which protects the roof from rain and moisture.

Usually, you see standing seam roofs installed on commercial roofs like government buildings, restaurants, banks, and churches. Frequently you’ll see businesses use a specific color of standing seam roof for branding purposes.

Metal Shingles, Metal Tile and Shake:

Advances in manufacturing and technology, have allowed specialty metal roof designs like stone-coated metal shingles to become a more popular choice for home and business owners. Because of the aesthetic appeal, they are used in homes, restaurants, churches, and condos.

In addition to the visual appeal, these metal shingles offer superior environmental protection and longevity, without the disadvantages of many other types of metal roof applications. Because of their durability and protective abilities, they frequently come with long manufacturers warranties.

Metal Roofing Available From Jones & Associates

Corrugated Metal:

At Jones & Associates, we specialize in installing corrugated metal roofs. This is the type of roofing material we recommend and the only option we install. Our experience is that this is the best choice for homes in this region. 

Benefits Of A New Metal Roof Or Siding For Residents Of West OdessaBecause it’s made of a lighter material, corrugated metal roofing (usually 24 – 26 gauge thicknesses), is a lower-cost metal roofing option for home or commercial applications. You will find corrugated metal roof panels in the shape of V, U, and 5 V crimp, and they are made of steel. These roofing panels come coated from the factory with rust and corrosion protection. Some of the different types of coatings include Galfan and Galvalume, but in essence, they are made of either zinc, aluminum, or a combination of the two. These factory coatings can impact the life and protective abilities of corrugated metal roofing applications. At the time of installation, we can apply additional roof coatings to further extend the life and beauty of your new metal roof. 

Unlike the standing seam panels which interlock at the edges, the panels on a corrugated metal roof are secured by overlapping the sheets and securing them with color-coordinated screws. This type of roof requires that your roofing contractor caulk all connecting screws and seams, to prevent damaging leaks at the seams, or around the fasteners. For any metal roof, these are the points of entry for any leak and care must be taken to ensure this part of the job is done right. Jones & Associates has the experience to make sure this is done right, and as with all of our metal roof installations, we provide a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

How Much Is A Metal Roof?

This is both a common and important question. Yes, a metal roof can cost more upfront than an asphalt shingle roof. You should expect the upfront costs to be somewhere between 20% and 50% more than a traditional shingle roof. This will depend on the type of roof application and the materials used for your roof.

In most circumstances metal roofs for commercial applications will be of a little heavier gauge and as such will cost a little more. Usually, you will see a standing seam or metal shake roofs used in commercial applications. These types of metal roofs are at a higher price point.

However, additional roof coatings can be applied to both commercial and residential roofs to increase their durability and longevity. These include primers and acrylic elastomeric coatings. These types of coatings can add many serviceable years to the life of the roof.

These coatings do add cost to the metal roof replacement, but these costs are small compared to the overall cost of replacing the roof.

Like to see what colors we offer? Check out our Roofing Color Chart!

Advantages Of Steel Siding



When you need something to stand up to the harsh weather of West Texas, you need steel siding. At Jones & Associates, we only use steel siding for all of our siding installations. We use steel siding for several reasons including:

  • it is more durable than aluminum siding

  • it’s superior energy efficiency

  • it’s reduced maintenance costs from greater longevity

  • it enhances the value of the home

At Jones & Associates, we have been installing metal siding and roofing across the South Plains and Permian Basin for more than 30 years and have found steel siding to be superior to any other type of siding. It is better suited to stand up to the hail, high winds, and dusty conditions we find in this part of Texas.

Steel siding won’t rot because it does not retain moisture. In addition, because it’s made of thicker, heavier metal, it won’t dent the way aluminum siding is prone to do in situations where you have large hail. Something we see in this part of the country.

It also comes in a variety of colors and textures which allow the home or business owner to have choices in selecting something they feel adds aesthetic beauty. For all of your siding needs, let Jones & Associates handle your installation.

Why Should You Choose Us?

At Jones & Associates, we have been installing metal roofs and steel siding for more than 30 years. We are the leader in metal roof replacement in the region and have were voted “Best of the West” in 2018. In addition to all manufacturer’s warranties, we offer a one-of-a-kind, ten-year workmanship guarantee on all of our work. This way, you’re not just covered for the material, but for the work itself.

Finally, because of our size and the number of years we’ve been in business, we have been able to negotiate the best pricing you’ll find in the Texas Panhandle for comparable products.

So Call our office today and let us come provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your metal roof installation or steel siding installation.

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